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March 12, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was cooking for half the day and then I went to meet Tasia who I had tea with last week. The agenda, to do something with the truck in order to keep it going and maybe find a way to create a new one and also just to hangout. Mo and I drove to the same place as last week as I wanted to share the Traveling Piano with the people working the store. They are fun, interested and welcoming young kids. Ha... young, me not any more. Maybe I should avoid age awareness as I did before I got old. It does not help anything and only serves to segregate. To go even farther, it only serves ego with a delusional hierarchy of more knowledge, manipulation and control. These days I am being aware that it also serves no purpose to call people out concerning political issues.

If confronted I can state my stance but to fight negativity with negativity, anger with anger or hate with hate does not create any opposite. To "tear a new asshole" so to speak in people who say things that make me angry is a talent I have. I've been working to comprehend that fact being positive and to transform my thinking and behavior into all about being loving, caring and understanding of the truth, nurturing is the only way to go. The understanding part takes staying honest with myself in accepting that some peoples minds are simply warped or mentally ill... and blind to spirit as I've said in the past. Also, I must not use what people say, do and how they think to serve my fears, insecurity, or neediness for attention. I saw a video of folk singer Pete Seeger's "Take it from Dr. King" the other night and it put me in the right fame of mind.