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March 11, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

The days have been delicious with sun and the temperatures. I think about enjoying every day as if it is the last. Mo and I were driving down the street and saw Champ, a guy I have not yet figured out who has been living full time in a van on one of the parking lots for the last twelve years. He has been in the area for thirty years and offers free parking to people on two lots and keeps any tips offered. He also walks the area for different places of business keeping an eye on everything. Seems like he is sanctioned as a working member of the community by many. Then I stumbled onto the end of a Skratch Pad Jam at DJ Rob Alahn's Hip Hop, House Music place around the corner from where I live. It hurt that I missed most of it because... what I heard was way beyond awesome.

You must not only hear but also see DJ's performing with what they do in order to truly appreciate it. I'd love to get one of those guys to jam with me. My being so out of the box... corny, not their energy in anyway, white toast, etc... with my music, anyone DJ who would connect with me musically would be a very special person indeed! Then it got dark and I went to walk Mo in a park where we have never been and met the Dream Team Outreach, a non-profit cooking hotdogs and wings for whomever was around. They were holding a memorial with pictures and candles for hip hop and rap artists who have died in order to show respect for their having been here and alive on earth. I'm very interested in getting together again with the head guy to learn how he works and what he is about.