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March 08, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

A true miracle happened. On the 1st of the month my blank, unsigned full rent money order was stolen with the receipt intact. Anyone who knows about money orders also knows that a money order can work as untraceable cash. As I work 100% from contribution dollar to dollar and live off of food banks... this was a dire situation. All tools at my disposal from my present journey experiences came into play. Faith, patience, letting go, embracing one day at a time, positive past experiences, desire for gratitude, putting on foot in front of the other to rectify the situation without thought as to whether what I was doing would help or not, etc... The theft happened at City Market also known as Bells Market on E Oakey street right off of the strip near where I live. The store owners pulled strings far and beyond the call of duty with full trustworthiness was able to find a way to refund the money to me today. I want to ask everyone to help me thank City Market by doing business with good business, those who show who they are in service with action!