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February 11, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

There were four appointments for me to attend today and that is a record for this journey! Lol, I made three of them because I became too exhausted for the fourth. I went to a yoga class and as a fat old man with no strength who has just eaten a large burrito you might imagine how that went. Then I gave a piano class to Jai the son of the yoga instructor. We were at the Arts Factory in downtown Las Vegas and a comic book artist with a large following was having a show. The place was packed. It is crazy to think that a building full of artists on a normal day draws practically no one and a guy connected with Star Wars and Marvel Comics has such a draw. He was selling prints for a hundred bucks and would add some paint to them for more money. All... the people I saw making purchases were not of means as in having money. Anyway, I parked the Traveling Piano out of the way on the side of the building for Jai's piano class but still there were a lot of people finding it so... the situation was a little chaotic with interacting and giving people the attention they were looking for especially because I was on a time schedule. After that I headed to the La Vegas rescue mission to play indoors for dinner. That place was also packed. The difference, when it comes to being of "means" well, these people were not of means, they were living on the sidewalks around town, about 600 of them with no means what-so-ever.

I had an unusual experience playing the piano, it became an extension of myself and I was almost able to sit back and watch what was happening with my fingers. After two hours I was so exhausted I was almost unconscious but still creating music while not really being in control or knowing what I was doing. My muscle power diminished as I played. My focus was more on staying conscious literally no thought was possible. Physically I was drained and I just worked on not passing out. I wondered how it was coming across to people, whether it was boring them, irritating, nothing, ok, or good. When leaving several people commented on how wonderful it was. Everyone enjoyed it. As I get older, experiencing physical limitations from age is interesting to say the least. Playing on an acoustic piano does something to my brain and being that I cannot describe but it is almost impossible to get to sleep at night after doing so. The piano on the Traveling Piano is a worn out keyboard that has never inspired me as much as a real piano. Over the years the opportunity to create music on an instrument that can allow me to actualize my creative potential has been rare. Still, I will continue to work with what I have on the Traveling Piano and well as with my physical limitations of mind and body. My spirit is amazingly strong. I can see and feel that when I am not blocking myself with limiting thoughts. That is not an easy task to do.