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February 10, 2018

Summerlin, Nevada

I took a walk through a park in a wealthy area today thinking about what I want for my life. The intense feeling of comfort that feels right to have, to live and feel clean in an environment with wealthy aesthetics raised some questions. Before the journey I lived in a middle class environment but know upper class environment well. For ten years I worked and socialized as a society pianist on the main line in Philadelphia. The environmental aesthetics, I always felt deserving of, most comfortable with, where I belonged. It brought up how much time I spend with the poorest of the poor, those who sleep on sidewalks. Must I live like them to extend compassion and empathy and create validation for human spirit? Just how much wealth is appropriate for me to live in and experience? I had better decide quick because I'm 62 years old. If I choose a wealthy life I'd have to make enough to pay others for all upkeep because physically that would not be possible for me to do. Also, I could live in someone else's property but must be able to feel like it is my home. A patron or sponsor or something else might be the way to go. There are so many routes I can take. Deciding and focusing, being able to sustain the journey to the goal is the challenge. It is most about believing in myself. I mean really believing and getting honest about that, if it is what I want to do and am able to create it for myself.