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February 09, 2018

Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

It is wonderful to witness people become empowered and inspired as well as validated through the process of creating their own music. But even more than that, when it happens side by side in the newness of friendship, a chance meeting and synchronistic, the feeling is as full of life as can be. I was downtown today. Mo and I just stopped on a street for a few minutes. In that short time a meter guy came up and as a real jerk off, gave me a ticket. It came from his mis-use of authority. I was there only for a few minutes, did not leave the truck unattended, was leaving. He waited and I took too long to finish up a conversation I was having. He was full of impatient arrogance and tried to intimidate me even though I kept my cool. I've already written a complaint letter to his supervisor. Like I have money for a ticket? Not... although fighting it is too much to deal with so I just paid it and now its done. But... it did wreck a perfect day. Hate when that happens. Still, I was able to save some of the days fun by driving to a spot across the street from the Salvation Army where about a hundred people were waiting to get inside for a nights sleep. It was interesting because I triggered an unsafe feeling from the jerk with the ticket incident, which transferred into some the the people around me who were cracked out of their mind on drugs. Usually I can feel safe while always being totally aware in unsafe environments. It takes constant practice to accept the flow of life especially when the incontrollable nature of it... is a pain in the ass!