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February 08, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is really crazy how I must have at least eight hours sleep. If I only get five and am able to function and the next day eight hours... the following day I will still need to play catch up with the missing three hours before I can start to feel ok. It is not a conscious need. I discover it in hindsight. Today, I played at my new commitment for the Las Vegas Rescue mission. While there I feel the desire, calling, pull, whatever... to commit also for Sunday. I physically see people feeling, enjoying and appreciating my being there and I can explore creativity on a real grand piano in anyway that I want. I also get to perform my old pieces in all the noise around me so I do not feel conspicuous about my musical flaws. They are great and many, lol. It feels like I am spending time with my peeps. People from all walks of life just trying to survive, get along, help themselves in any way possible. Hundreds of people are present for dinner. Those living on the sidewalks and also in the shelter, in long term treatment programs, volunteers, staff, etc.. I really want the high life of fame, and more creature comfort now for my life... but then again I enjoy being able to connect with people in "my" transparent and real way more which is not so compatible with the illusion of fame and fortune type success. The expression of empathy and compassion through musical fun, friendship and respect is totally fulfilling. Can I have both please?