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January 10, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

I've begun to market the Traveling Piano as a quirky "location" for use in films, television, videos, and also for cameo appearances in different situations as a short feature or passing through, in the background of a scenes. There are many hundreds of creative ways to use this successful concept. If you know anyone in the entertainment industry who might be interested or you yourself would like more information, let me know!

Originating on the east coast the Traveling Piano has been in operation full time since 1987 and is now in its 32nd year. For the last ten years the truck has traveled throughout the northern hemisphere. As of 2017 the Traveling Piano has found a permanent home in Las Vegas, Nevada with a present agenda to offer the vehicle for features and cameo's in all media forms especially for television and film.

Specifics: Pickup Truck with Permanent Upright Piano in the Back with a Pup Named Mo on Top of Piano... stick shift, 4 cylinder, 1987 Toyota 5', 4" width, 19' long, 6'h Truck Bed 7' in length.. piano facade, keyboard insertion, self charging speaker/amplification system... piano man optional, groups welcome (30 people maximum in truck at one time)... mobile on road capability... able to travel distances... fits into small locations including through double glass doors... flexible considering time restraints... all weather, 32 years of full time operation throughout the northern hemisphere... open to all creative use especially for cameo appearances... based in Las Vegas, Nevada. This Website has over 70,000 pictures with a daily blog for every day since 2006.