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January 09, 2018

In My Little Micro Studio Room, Las Vegas, Nevada

It has been raining steady and strong all day and this is the first time in years I've been in rain. It feels really good. Las Vegas has had no rain for almost four months and that was a light short drizzle for a short time. The last time I was in rain like today, I think it was in Oregon in 2016. Mo and I slept in until noon and then I watched the dark grey clouds outside while listening to the steady downfall. There are still pictures to process for the galleries from last year and much of the day was spent doing that. I've been praying to know what to do for the future, just continue with the present journey or move into something new... what and how. With moving onward it seems I must do it realistically which creates limits and boundaries. Where is my passion and for what? Also, what is possible at my age not only concerning how people think and act towards older people in a working environment but concerning personal physical and mental limitations. Thinking while not thinking can be a major challenge when it comes to balance. At sixty-two years of age... from age fifteen to fifty, I had created my own work for money (teaching and performing) and then for the last twelve years I've been working through universal spiritual principals alone self-sustained from my past years through money and the last two years through the contribution of others. All the past ways... did that done that. I felt somewhat forced to evolved into what is now. Thank God it all turned out for the best. What is "now" must again evolve, but into what? Please God, let it be a smooth transition. I know that will be all up to me with support from above, through other people.