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January 08, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Registering the Traveling Piano in Nevada is a big step for me. I now feel legalized in a new place and it is a statement for myself, that I am officially living somewhere else for the first time in my life. That has been a life long dream. I was raised to stay close to home (where I was born) for my entire life. It took a friggin' year to say I am settled "in" somewhere new that is mine after so many years on the road. Hahaha... "mine." For whatever that is worth which in reality is nothing. But, I have always wanted to live someplace else other than where I grew up in the Philadelphia, PA area back east. And now, it is done. Also, this is a step towards independence and self-sufficiency again. I have been using my friends address back east as my legal home address all these years and now I'm back on my own a little more. Somehow I want to become financially more independent than I am and that... is a real challenge in many ways. For more than a year now I've been living bare bones with one contributor basically taking care of my rent and truck gas. Also, a fundraiser I did last year got me through the year and it was absolutely necessary to have done. With the money raised I was able to get the truck repaired, some clothes, Mo's needs, food, and pay for the misc costs of living... such as all the truck needs, insurances, etc...