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January 7, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

It was time to transfer all my legal driving needs from back east to Nevada. While experiencing a miracle of sorts I was reminded that it happened because I kept saying to myself, "get out of the way, stay out of the way, let it happen" over and over. It was eleven in the morning and I knew the Dept of Transportation closed at four so I just set myself to finishing by six. Someone had randomly said that the DMV takes appointments and it is time to switch over not only my license... I needed to register and get the truck inspected and also get new tags. There were about four hundred people there so I was thankful I had made an appointment. As a result I was in and out in an hour and ten minutes. When the service representative said I needed to take an eye exam I thought... trouble, while I rattled off the top line as fast as possible so it would seem the entire test would be easy. It worked. The second line was not needed.

Never would I have been able to read the next line if they had asked. I had all the paper work needed and was very careful about that because I know they send you home if all the documentation is not present. Only problem, my registration papers had expired. I forgot to print out the new ones. Somehow they did a process that pushed through the present registration in their system. The Traveling Piano truck is now registered as a "Classic". It saves some money as mandatory smog tests are not necessary. After all, the truck is now in its thirty second year and so I think it fun to have it as a classic still on the road. The only glitch is that I can only drive it 5000 miles a year so I must not get obsessive about how many miles I'm using and just deal with everything as it comes... one day at a time. If I need to re-register it down the line, I will. It was a very good day in getting that all done!