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January 06, 2018

Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas, Nevada

While driving into Nevada in 2016 I saw an amazing rocks, a sculpture of color stacked on top of each other and I never forgot it. I wondered how I could get closer to these aggressively day-glo painted stacks out in the desert. Then about a half year ago I saw a post online as to what they are and where, so today Mo and I took a drive there. It was a destination, a two year art installation and it will soon be gone. I am glad I saw it. Wow! It was much more than a bunch of rocks. It was 3.5 million worth of thought and creativity and worth every penny. I could critic it in positive ways for days. While there I created some music because I felt very inspired. I was surprised people were around until I learned what a huge undertaking the project was. The art is a big draw for both locals and tourists. I met a family with means from inner Mongolia a specific part of China that I would like to take the Traveling Piano to.

The parents have a six year old girl was proficient at playing the piano. I could feel a deep respect from them for piano music. They all expressed an interest in helping me get the Traveling Piano to China. Maybe now is the time it will happen? I must stay out of the way and let the heavens continually direct my life of course all the while working in the direction I want to go. After that another typical Traveling Piano spontaneous and synchronistic moment happened. We met another family driving from New York City to Los Angeles where they live with a young girl who had just given a recital at Carnegie Hall in New York. She was a national winner of a young composition competition or something like that, or so they said and had just given a recital. She could play the piano very well. Two children proficient at the piano from different parts of the world to find us in the period of a half hour, in the Nevada desert... very interesting.