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December 05, 2017

Las Vegas Nevada

Everyday I pray, "god please direct my life." It helps me to feel secure because I have faith and trust that the god of my understanding does direct my life as long as I allow that. When I am in the frame of mind to let all thoughts go as in "give it up" I remember what I learned in 2010 while hiking in Glacier Park Montana that simply "being" demands nothing, there is nothing to accomplish, it demands zero responsibility. Simply "being" is a state of joy, security, fulfillment and contentment. Reality can become warped when seen only through the mind.That is when an illusion of being comes into play. There are many ways to experience what I am writing about with simply being. There are different ways for different people. For me the easiest way is to walk into it through nature. It also always happens when I am interacting one-on-one with someone through the Traveling Piano.