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December 03 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been thinking about how Mo is the embodiment of everyone who has ever loved me throughout my life. Also, how the past few days in Utah, going there was providential, meant to be and how grateful I am to have been able to give it to myself. The timing in every way was perfect. I wrote about that over the past few days but now just another point... the temperatures have now dropped into a winter feel. Whereas it was in the seventies, tonight it is going down into the thirties. I caught the last part of any warm weather for the season just in time without knowing. When I take care of myself good things happen. I spent time at the local Asian Center today. The place came back into my life and I do not want to project why, for what, etc.. I must think one step at a time as I have learned in the past that jumping to positive assumptions can be detrimental to my well being. I'm having difficulty with choices and decisions which is nothing new but always a huge challenge to have to deal with again, and again. I'm not complaining as I have decided to make my own choices which is the only way for me to live life. When I was away and in nature living in the present moment was so easy. Now back here in Las Vegas I must consciously remember to place myself into that state of being.