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December 01, 2017

Kobe, Utah

I woke up feeling very good and then I went onto facebook and my mind turned instantly to anger and thought, why did you just do that to yourself? There are certain type of people I do not want in my life and I had to deal with that on facebook. Mo and I headed out to experience some nature. At first I was heading for Zion Park. Now is the time with not so many tourists. Off season just began. Last week there were 3000 vehicles that went through the park. This week... 300. When I was here a few years ago you could not drive through the entire park, they made you use a tram because of so many people. This time everything was open. Then I thought, I don't even want to deal with a few people. We went exploring the park through the Kolob Plateau. As I drove, there was a constant déjà vu until I realized I had been through the entire area before. But, I never walked around in it and today Mo and I did.

Through a pasture type forest of pines trees to different overlooks. I can feel myself slowing down physically. It does not feel like a bad thing, it just is. I cannot jump into the truck from the side as I have always done. My hearing is going as well as visually... I do not only experience night blindness, the sun now makes driving or walking difficult when it is in my eyes. My breathing is not so good, my thinking is slower with my movements. I'm going down with the truck! Lol, it has lost its performance level of operation in both function and looks so to go back to making money with it does not look promising. There are things I could probably do to help myself get better. The grace of God, if it is meant to be is needed for anything to happen. I just keep focusing on doing... enjoying... balance and having a good time! We passed through a small quaint town named Toquerville and it felt so peaceful, clean and quiet, a quaint sleepy town to retire in?

Lol, I think not because of practical reasons, but its an idea. I am fairly certain I will never retire in a traditional sense. That is not in me to do. Once I returned from the days exploring I shared the Traveling Piano with the hotel night desk person and the owner also happened to be there. I was exhausted but they were interested and that made my day. The owner and I got talking and I asked if he was Mormon. He said yes and then like I can do sometimes... I put my foot in my mouth with a not complimentary Mormon statement. A half hour later a young kid comes to my room with a Santa hat on to say Merry Christmas and handed me an envelope. It was cash, the cost of the nights room and a Mormon "Light the World in 25 Ways Over 25 Days" card. This is the first motel ever to reciprocate, the first religious person ever to contribute in the name of their faith in all my 50,000 encounters! And, despite of my being an imbecile. Lol... its a good feeling.