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November 14, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Randomly I saw a link online about an event going on today and clicked on it out of curiosity. It was a huge event for local homeless services being held at the civic center. The idea of sharing the Traveling Piano there was the incentive to check it out and of course I didn't get going until it was almost over. Damm! Also, I have needed to check into any social services I might be eligible for. I've not used any to date and have really held off but I'm realizing that if they exist and I am eligible I should use them. It is not like I don't need help or have other resources. I have had no government assistance, I've worked with no income nor do I have any investments, etc... As I moved through the booths I found the health social services. With only fifteen minutes before closing I signed up for Medicaid! Wow, finally, what a move that was. The situation was put in my path and I simply followed through. And, if I had gone any other route it would have taken a half day in waiting.

I ran into the right person who gave me the papers to fill out and eyed a lady sitting at a table with the thought, "she's waiting for me" and then with no time left and people in front of me, the first woman I met came up and said have a seat here. It was with the woman I had the thought about! She quickly lead me through the process just in time before everyone began to tear down the setup to leave. That was so meant to be. I have had no health insurance for at least twenty five years and hope this does not mean I will be needing it but usually when things happen like this, it is for a reason. Who knows what may be. I mentioned that I needed to get Mo's service dog validation up to date and was pointed directly to a woman who has an organization that gives support to dogs who live with homeless people. She couldn't help me with the service matter but can with medical needs and food, etc... I told her I would wait outside until she was done and she would find me on the Traveling Piano with Mo creating music. I wanted to show her what I offer for society.

I waited a long time and met people throughout the wait. As I was about to leave because she was no where to be found I thought, "I'm going to look her up online and send an email saying I waited until the very last person left not only the building but the parking lot." So of course I had to follow through in order to be truthful. Guess who the very last person to leave was! Lol, so I may be able to get help for Mo as far as getting his teeth cleaned which I am concerned about and have been for months. He does not have the kind of teeth where he can chew on bones to keep them clean and they are getting bad and it is a leading cause of death for dogs... tooth infection. I really hope she follows through in helping me because it will also give me a green light to support her organization. It is perfect for me because it gives support to both homeless people and their pets and I can whole heartily support that. Dogs alone, not so much... people and dogs together... yes!