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November 12, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

There was a huge Rock and Roll Marathon today in Las Vegas and they closed the entire strip as well as all the streets in my neighborhood for it. I got up early to get the truck out while I still could and parked up a few blocks by the memorial for those killed in the recent mass gun murder. I came back took a short nap but spent most of the day at the memorial with the Traveling Piano. As of today in the USA so far this year alone 13,464 people that we know of have been murdered with guns. Another 27,486 have been shot and hospitalized. Because of moronic pro gun people there have been 315 mass shootings in the USA just this year to date. That really pisses me off. Anyway, people come to the park to process their grief and fear and just have a safe place to be and maybe heal some. There were 22,000 people at the concert directly affected and then all the family members and friends. That is a lot of people affected first hand by just one gun lover.

I met some new neighbors and a few kids and John who lives by the park and is the sort of official mayor for the park brought dinner out for me... a nice piece of lamb with a baked potato, salad and bread. John is a life long Las Vegas artist. We almost became roommates. I wanted to interact with people and create music all day but I should have known better. I did last five hours which is pretty good I think... before I almost passed out from exhaustion. At one point Mo and I took a walk to the strip just to check out the action. It was pretty cool to see and hear the pidder patter of 10,000 feet running up the strip. It was pretty quiet except for that. I thought about how much money sneaker makers reap. The Memorial Park is two blocks from the strip. Every quarter mile there was supposed to be a rock and roll band. At the corner near my apartment the US Air-Force band played. Lol, not so Rock and Roll. As the tax payers paid for the band it would have been nice if someone knew they were there. As it was, the runners pidder pattering by head them, about four neighbors and me. The city made a huge chuck of money today with this marathon thats for sure!