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November 11, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

The guy who works the food bank at Veterans Village told me of a new Veterans apartment complex opening today on Veterans Day. He said he would love it if I was there. So there I went... except he didn't want me with the Traveling Piano because the place was setup for a lot of hoopla for presentations, the mayor, senators, a band... the woman running the show told me there would be a lot of opportunity for me to volunteer and play inside when they got a piano. I bit my lip. Constantly I must accept that people will have their ideas about me and my agenda that are not remotely correct. The opportunity to perform, do I want? Not. A need to volunteer? Not. So anyway, I drove to the local park to hang out with some homeless people. I held space for some unusual music. As I kept my cool with attentiveness a kind of mental guy swooned on the piano while another stood there rambling on and on with talk and Mo sat there trying to take the attention with a constant whimper that he does.

The three of them kept it up continuously for about ten minutes while I just stood there being attentive to the chaotic sounds. It was all pretty funny because they are completely lost in themselves! Later, as I was creating music a guy named Scotty who is living on the street comes up to tell me how beautiful the music was. As we began to talk he asked, "Are you originally from Philadelphia?" I said yes and then he asked, "Were you at Hurricane Katrina?" I said yes, and then he proceeded to tell me in detail how we had met in New Orleans ten years ago while he was living on the streets after Hurricane Katrina, how he played on the Traveling Piano back then and the conversation we had in complete detail from back then!!! After that, I drove to another park where more homeless people who have seen me around found the courage to come up and interact. And then after about three hours I almost passed out from exhaustion. It was all amazing, beautiful, wondrous, magical, synchronistic and Godly.