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November 9, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm so thankful for Mo. I'm so thankful for this teeny weeny place I have, that the truck still works thirty one years and going and that I personally can still be of service for the world. My service feels less significant these days as I am doing less, get less feedback and it is not as exciting and stimulating as it has been in the past. Being able to give myself validation, reassurance and kudos' has never been my forte. I have been thinking about how constantly traveling, new places and staying with new people has kept me going over the years. As that died down, experiencing nature, processing it and sharing it online fed my spirit. Now, everything is different being back in one place as in pre-journey. I must find ways to stimulate myself ongoing to experience spirit alive and kicking all the while thinking in terms of survival. Nature is still there to fed me but I must extend myself more to experience it these days. It feels like I'm going into a blah, blah, blah mode so I'm going to stop, lol. Still having musical fun, friendship and respect along with inspiration and empowerment or I would not be writing this blog if the opposite was true.