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October 11, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow, now that the rant is over from yesterday... in the beginning of the journey I tempered not so nice encounters wanting to be respectful of people even when the relating has not been good or even wretched. I figure if I needed to remember I'll just go back through the blog and there will be triggers to snap all memories into place. Then there are social issues I feel are important to talk about and I've written about and also personal, relational issues in general that I know many people object to but they are not running my life and in fact do not support it, never will in anyway so why should I care? As I move back into the business end of life I'll need to rein in my opinions and thoughts depending on how it affects those I am relating to. This is not easy considering I have twelve years with no practice of doing that.

Saying what I think and feel, on my terms, in my way, doing what I want and how I want to do it, everything on my terms has been a wonderful aspect of this journey and has made the journey what it is. What a gift! It has been a tradeoff for sure. There are many less options in life when you don't play the game for others in order to benefit yourself. I choose... being honest for myself and an example of that for others... for better or worse, always with consideration, consciousness and being as appropriate as possible. How I relate to people is going to get tricky as I move back into the business world. Maybe its too late and I will not be able to adjust. All that matters is that I stay true to myself, who I am and what I care about most, no matter what.