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October 8, 2017

Memorial Site, Las Vegas, Nevada

It was 2:30pm when I woke up. The sleep was needed but it felt strange, needing twelve hours of sleep. In some way I knew it was because of my plans for the day of holding vigil with the Traveling Piano from 6pm to 12pm tonight at the memorial here in the Arts District. I would nee a lot of energy to honor the 59 people killed a week ago today and also to support those who care about it, as well as the over 500 shot because of people who support the NRA. Any mind that has not been warped knows the ability to have automatic weapons should not be in our communities for the mentally ill or anyone... to be able to get a hold of. Anyway... people were appreciative that I was there especially those who created the memorial and that felt safe. Around 9pm a huge windstorm came up and I am talking big! Looking down the street I almost could not see the street lights because of the thickness of the dirt and sand. The temperature dropped and it became cold, blizzard like. It was strange.

The wind came in waves while Mo and I tolerated it. Amazingly enough, most of the dirt bypassed us on all sides. Still, there was a lot of dirt flying around! I felt determined to keep going and was impressed that all the new trees were staying intact as well as the memory fence with all the paraphernalia loosely hanging off it but then... one of the main guys came over and asked if there was a truck he could use because the largest central tree was about to topple. Of course without thought I gave him the Traveling Piano to use and we got it in place as ten people were trying to hold the tree up. I continued to create music until about 11pm. The silence with the few people who were there, it really felt like it was for us, a place to be together and help the world heal with loving energy. Before I left my apartment today I placed my intent through prayer to be as supportive as I could be and the Traveling Piano well, not only was Mo supportive for people, the music, myself... the Traveling Piano itself gave support to the memorial park when it needed it. Can we talk symbolism? All I could feel was gratitude and honor.