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October 7, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

It felt like there was no energy to be had today as in something is very wrong with me in a physical sense. In any case I pushed forward and drove to the homeless area at the Las Vegas Boulevard and Owens intersection of the city to create some music. After a little while I found another spot on Las Vegas boulevard across the street from where around fifty people settled in for the night along a fence. A dad and his daughter having a keen eye saw us as they drove by and stopped. We were having fun until the security guards came and then we moved on. As I drove away I saw hands, like a lot of hands (lol) rising from the ground to say goodbye in appreciation from all the people laying on the sidewalk across the street.

On the way home I stopped at the healing memorial park and created some music. A young piano guy came up with a retired fireman from Chicago who had a Canine's for Christ support dog. Ha, it feels like the dog support thing is getting more and more out of hand. We need more people for Christ in the ways of Christ and not only in ways it suits their own self-centered egos. Mo does lend support for people but it is not to be a support dog. He's just being himself. It is the same as far as his being with me. People ask how I trained him and if he does tricks and the answer is "no" on both accounts. He simply hangs out with me on top of the piano to be with me. Although personally, Mo is a bona fide support dog for my anxieties. The space on top of the piano is safe for Mo in every way and he knows that its his job to simply enjoy hanging out there.